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Boost Your Productivity with Microsoft AI Tools: Image Creator and Copilot Chat

Updated: Feb 14

Abstract image of AI productivity tools
Abstract image of AI productivity tools

Microsoft offers various AI tools, including Copilot Chat (formerly Bing Chat) and Image Creator, that can assist anyone from accountants to developers in different aspects of their work. These tools provide innovative solutions and boost your productivity in unique ways. Keep reading for a couple of quick tips for solving real-world problems to boost your productivity with Microsoft Image Creator and Copilot Chat.


Troubleshooting Using Copilot Chat


Copilot Chat can be a valuable tool in speeding up the troubleshooting process. It allows users to directly paste in an error message from code and receive suggested next steps and possible causes for the error message. This saves time and provides specific guidance for resolving issues. Take the example below when given an error message from Dynamics 365 Business Central, Bing returns a nice response directing you to answers. Search engines were always a way to find information, but the chat powered search goes to another level.


Rewriting Text Using Copilot in Edge

In addition to troubleshooting, Copilot can also be used to refine and rewrite text. Users can prompt Copilot in Edge with a specific text and receive a more professional or polished version as a response. This can be helpful when crafting important messages or documents, providing inspiration or guidance for improved communication.




It's worth noting that when using AI-generated text, it's paramount to review, personalize and modify. By incorporating certain phrases or keywords from the AI-generated response, users can craft their own message while maintaining a professional tone. Incorporating is bolded in the previous sentence as I put this paragraph into Copilot, and I preferred the word choice it had over my own. 


Image Creation

Microsoft's Image Creator, accessible via Bing, allows users to generate images based on specific prompts. Users can provide details such as the subject, art style, and other attributes to create customized images. This can be a time-saving feature when preparing materials for presentations, blog posts, or other visual content. The below image was generated with this tool depicting a warehouse in a cartoon style.



However, it's crucial to review the images generated by the tool to ensure they are appropriate and align with the intended message. Users should be aware of any potentially inappropriate symbols or patterns that may appear in the generated images.



Proceed with Caution

These tools are great, but you need to proceed with caution while using them. Primarily, do not input any proprietary information into these tools. Leaks of proprietary information have occurred before unfortunately at some rather large organizations (potentially the device you are reading this post on). Secondarily, always review the content generated. AI has been known to “hallucinate” by completely making up very detailed responses that are factually incorrect. It’s right often, but wrong enough to be aware.


In a Nutshell

Microsoft's emerging AI tools have the potential to revolutionize the way we work and enhance employee productivity. By simplifying workflows, automating tasks, and providing innovative solutions, these tools can unlock creativity and boost efficiency like never before. Whether it's through intelligent virtual assistants, predictive analytics, or image creation, Microsoft's AI tools offer exciting possibilities for professionals looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced business world. As we continue to embrace the power of artificial intelligence, it's important to explore and harness these tools to make work more enjoyable, rewarding, and ultimately, more productive. So, why wait?


Note: Much of this article was created using original content from Corterra team member Will Parker and fed into a few tools listed below.



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