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Jordan Higgins

Jordan Higgins

Principal Architect

As a Principal Architect on Corterra Solutions’ IT team, Jordan Higgins serves as a liaison between client and internal technical teams, guiding business requirements understanding and design of customized end-to-end solutions.

Jordan’s development background, plus deep knowledge and technical experience in building complex ERP applications, enables him to tailor technology solutions for clients across the Corterra Solutions portfolio. Jordan’s specialty areas include solution architecture, data warehousing, Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server, and reporting solutions.

Jordan began his IT career as a systems analyst at Corterra, growing his knowledge and technical skills by building large-scale ERP systems from the ground up. His hands-on experience gives Jordan a deep understanding of the complexities of ERP applications and their potential for solving clients’ unique business problems. This experience, combined with his problem-solving and analytical skills, helps Jordan develop solutions that ease the workload for client users, uncover opportunities for improvement, and deliver business results. It also gives him unique insights that help make him a leader and mentor to his team.

In his personal life, Jordan is a “technology tinkerer” who enjoys learning new coding frameworks and languages in order to add even more value to client projects.

Jordan attended North Park University and earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration and Information Technology from Central Washington University.

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