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Ryan Kenna

Ryan Kenna

Manager, Application Development

Ryan is a Manager of Application Development on the Corterra team, functioning in both functional and technical capacities to drive client initiatives forward.

Ryan obtained a bachelor's degree in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Upon graduation, he joined the Corterra team as a Developer. Without a deep background in computer science, business analysis, or development, Ryan was challenged to quickly get up to speed on the technical aspects of a complex revenue management system for a well-known insurance broker. Ryan embraced that challenge and thrived in addressing the client needs. While supporting and enhancing the revenue management system, he also began working on manufacturing client projects. As time passed, his efforts helped solve client problems in a cost effective, rapid approach. Solutions he has configured and developed span a range of industries and business areas including but not limited to manufacturing, purchasing, sales, global distribution, service organizations and more.

In his current role, he has a wide range of responsibilities. From managing development efforts to leading client status meetings, Ryan is equipped to effectively solve client problems both through coded and non-coded solutions. His daily activities are key to ensuring quality of Corterra's solution implementation. Whether it be gathering functional and technical requirements, conducting code reviews, or mentoring team members, Ryan is an integral team member to Corterra. At the moment, Ryan is managing and leading efforts for a client in the services industry utilizing Power Apps, Power BI, and other technology to improve their business processes.

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